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Find a Hobby

Without interests, we fall into a cycle of the same cycle of monotonous activities. We wake up, we work, we come home, we eat, we go back to sleep – rinse and repeat. Pepper in the occasional class for some of us and realize that our days slowly blur together until eventually we graduate, get a new job, or something throws a wrench in our plans.

Having hobbies allows us to make time for things we genuinely enjoy. Whether it’s a creative outlet, or just something we can do to help us relax, we all find relaxation in something that breaks up our routine in a positive way.

For some it’s reading, for others, it’s art. For me – it’s make up and effects.

My affinity for horror movies leaked into my everyday life when I decided I wanted to learn how to create gory goodies for myself and my friends. With Halloween coming up, it’s the perfect time to utilize the skill I’ve dedicated so much time to.

With cotton, latex, scar wax, corn syrup, some red dye, and a whole lot of body paint, I’ve been able to create some pretty unreal pieces that, with time and practise, I’ve become extremely proud of. I’ll spare you the visuals!

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